Welcome to the new website for Two Medicine Silver. It's been a process, but good things are coming! I'm excited for the changes (hopefully all for the better) as I navigate the move!

I lost access to my old website after rerouting my URL, and without contacting my previous hosting platform, I literally cannot gain access to or even login to my old Wordpress site. I know it's out there still, but it's currently lost to me. However, my wonderful sister has so kindly found the time to help (between work and WEDDING PLANNING) as I rebrand, navigate a new platform, rewrite pages and info, add and rewrite product descriptions, and get all my back-end settings up to snuff! I'm so thankful for her. 

I'm actually ahead of schedule, so by the time you find this, it should be May. I hope the weather is better! 

Much love,



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