Kara Wellman is a self-taught metalsmith currently living in Wisconsin.

She has three daughters, along with a plethora of other hobbies and professional pursuits, that keep her very, very, very, very busy. 

Kara started Two Medicine Silver in September 2018, though she began preparing, reading, and gathering tool for months before. The majority of the work she does is created through hand fabrication. In this method, pieces are built from sheets and wires of silver that are sawed, soldered, and textured all by hand. Many years of trial and error, failures and successes, frustrations and breakthroughs have gone into growing into and refining this process to make the plant and animal pieces you see today. She sometimes dabbles with Precious Metal Clay in which she creates botanical molds or imprints. She has also started to explore and experiment with wax carving and casting. All of the stones in Two Medicine Silver pieces are purchased from lapidary artists in the United States or a selected few ethical, international lapidary artists.