Black and white image of the Two Medicine River with its rocky breaks

A Warm Welcome from TMS

The Two Medicine River has held a part of my heart between its shores ever since I first stepped into its glacial waters in 2012.
There are places on earth that when we first tread them, we feel a depth of connection that can only be born from the very bed of our souls. It's only fitting that I honor this special place by stamping its name into every piece of silver I create.
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Summer + Fall 2024 (Coming Soon)

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  • Large kite shaped Moss Agate set in a large sterling silver cuff with recycled 14K gold ball accents being held up by the artist's hand.
  • Considering a Commissioned Piece?

    I offer a very limited number of custom, commissioned pieces each season.

    If you are interested in securing a spot to work with me in creating your very own TMS piece, click the link below to contact me.

    I'd love to talk ideas, share past work, and discuss the process with you!

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  • Necklace made with a dendritic agate stone, bramble flowers made of sterling silver, and green kyanite sitting on an old wooden ledge.

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