Do you accept returns, refunds, or exchanges?

No, I do not accept returns or refunds for any reason. 

I am willing, on a case by case basis, to accept exchanges. For an exchange to occur, you must first contact me by email within 30 days of receiving your order to initiate an exchange. Do not send me jewelry back without contacting me first. You, the customer, will be responsible for return shipping and must ensure that everything is in the exact same condition that you received it (i.e. no damage to the piece, packaged correctly to ship, consider shipping insurance for the value of the piece, etc.) Once the exchange is received and checked by me, I will then send you your choice of exchange piece(s). 

What if something happens to my piece of jewelry?

My ultimate goal is for you to be happy with your investment into my work and art. If something breaks or falls apart on your piece of jewelry that is due to a mistake or fault in my craftsmanship, I will repair it for as long as I am capable of repairs (I'm relatively young still, so this should stand for a good 40 years). Please remember, while I work hard to ensure every piece is the best quality I can make it, I am still a human. For these types of repairs, please contact me and I will send you a shipping label to return it to me. 

If any other accidental damage occurs to your piece, I can also repair it for the cost of materials and a small, general repair fee. An entire rebuild of a piece is possible too if major damage occurs, but I would need pictures from multiple angles to determine what is salvageable and to give you an accurate quote. For these types of accidental damage repairs, I ask that you pay for shipping to  return the piece to me, and I will cover the cost of shipping to you upon completion. 

Unfortunately, if your piece is lost or stolen, I cannot do much but offer a 10% discount on a custom commission to recreate your piece. 

Can you repair my other jewelry?

As I am not a formally trained goldsmith or bench jeweler, I do not offer repairs on work that is not my own.