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Two Medicine Silver

Snake Wrap Rings

Snake Wrap Rings

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The Snake Wrap Ring quickly became one my most-loved designs over the 2022 art festival season! I'm happy to now offer it online as a made to order piece!

Each Snake Wrap Ring is its own unique little creature, created from forming, shaping and texturing 14ga sterling silver wire. The Snake Wrap Ring is also adjustable and designed to be lightly pinched smaller or stretched open, making it a versatile accessory that can be formed into your perfect fit or even switched between your fingers. 

While each ring is adjustable, they are only adjustable within a general size range. Please select the size range that will fit your finger the best. 

Made to order pieces, depending on my inventory and schedule, could take up to three weeks to ship. I try to prioritize them, and often these pieces will ship much sooner! Please contact me with any questions regarding timelines for shipping! 

Shipping Info

Ready to Ship pieces will be packaged and shipped in 1-5 business days.
Made to Order pieces, as they need to be created, will be shipped within 3 weeks (often less).

Care Instructions

It's recommend to remove your sterling silver jewelry before going into a pool, hot tubs/hot springs, and when doing household chores that involve chemical cleaners.
Cleaning Options:
1. Warm Water and Mild Dish Soap with a gentle brush
2. Microfiber Cloths or polish-embedded cloths (may affect the color of patina)
3. Ultrasonic cleaner -- if your jewelry has a stone in it, TO AVOID DAMAGE, please check that it is safe to place that type of stone in an ultrasonic cleaner
Tarnish Happens:
Consistent wear may help keep tarnish at bay, but when your jewelry needs a rest, try to store it in a cool, dry place. Storing with anti-tarnish strips, silica packs, or even chalk may help.
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